Here above you can find all the catteries who are active breeding, in which country they live and which breeds they have besides Selkirk-Rex.

If you want to become a breeder you need to apply for a catteryname and in some countries a registration number. Each country has it's own legal system regarding breeding and breeders. For the pedigrees you need to become a member of a breedingclub and if available a breedclub. You will find a lot of colleagues in a breedclub but for Selkirk-Rex there are not many breedclubs as the breed is still growing and fairly new. Once you have your name and number, club(s) and cats you can breed and from the moment your first litter is born you are official a breeder. It does not matter if you are a one time breeder or in the run for 30 years. Most important is you breed in a healthy and responsible way.

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