If you want to join this website and make your information available for (future) breeders and buyers...please contact me on  or use the contactform and I will send you the form back and will put the info on the site. It is free of charge...all in the name of making this breed better known and bigger 🙂 

I am Jacqueline Zeijlemaker-van Kampen...I live in Holland and i have bred different breeds over the years. I started out with Secret Birma cats in 1985...then Somali in 2008...Abyssinians in 2011...Nebelung 2013...Russian 2015  and last but not least pika blu this year, 2018... These days i breed only with NEB/RUS/PIKA and Selkirk-Rex. All my older cats live with me till they die, I only rehome them if there is a very good reason to do so. My kittens grow up in my home and are allowed everywhere. I also have an open stud walking about freely with studpants on. I is a stinky business but his happiness means the world for me. I breed for the benefit for the cats and breeds, not for money or ego. So none of my kittens are sold with contract or restrictions...I believe in mentoring my kittenbuyers if they want to become a breeder and till this day with success.  The law these days here is stating any breeder must use a contract from 2020 on,  so i am now in the process to not only give a manual with a baby in the kittenbox but also a small contract. If you want to speak to me on short term ...i am always to be found on facebook


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