It is well known this breed is still small and needs more breeders en fresh bloodlines as not every country is still allowed to mix in other breeds. I can breed selkirk x selkirk for example but it is not easy to find males let alone have a choice in males. So maybe an exchange between countries is a good idea. I would suggest to test mum and dad before you swap kittens ...we don't want pointing fingers if something goes wrong. Best thing to avoid it is to test on inhereditary diseases like HCM and PKD (by echo only). If parents are checked out every year the chances you receive  kitten(s) with this disease is very slim. But be aware this can also reveal itself on age 5 and by then you will have sold maybe a lot of kittens with a condition like this...who knows!!! I always say...better save than sorry so test every generation. It is not until you have 3/4 healthy generations a breeder can truly say the lines are healthy. I think it is no surprise i love testing 🙂 and tested cats but i am also aware not every country is custom to this...simply ask then how many generations are still alive...if it is up to 5 years of age and more you can be fairly sure you got a good healthy line on your hands. Save negotiations!!!

How does it work?

If you have a kitten to offer for exchange, please mail all the info regarding the kitten to and specify what you are looking for in return. And also your details as name address and contact details

If you are looking for an exchange kitten...please mail all your wishes to and also put all info regarding the kitten you are offering in there too as well as your details etc...