Kittens for sale

Above this page you can find all the kittens for sale throughout Europe.

If you are looking for a kitten, ask yourself what you are looking for first...what color...homozygous or heterozygous...tabby..point...longhair or shorthair. There are lots of varieties and colors in this breed. If you want a show-babe you need to know the standard (on history page) and familiarize yourself with the appropriate type and then ask the breeder advice whether he/she can see how they will develop. If they are about 8 weeks old a experienced breeder can already see if the kitten you like will be a showstopper or not.

If you are not sure you can always ask more info on social media or other can never have to much input when selecting your baby because he/she will live in your home for some time. If you know what you want you can contact the breeder and ask if the parents are tested and all test work is oke. How does it work with the pedigree and moving to another country for example and terms of the deal. The kitten needs a 'pink slip' so the club in the new country can register the kitten as yours. The pink slip is proof that he/she was purchased in another country and is no longer registered there.

If you buy a kitten abroad the breeder needs to make sure the paperwork is done and oke otherwise you stand on the airport and can't take your baby home. So make sure you know the rules of ex- and import of domestic animals in both countries and call airlines to see if you can carry your baby with you in cabin. Not every airline accepts cats in cabin so check it first. KLM, SAS, Transavia, Airoflot, Delta for example do take them as hand-luggage,  but there are terms. You can never book this online...first book your own ticket and with your booking number make the call and reserve a kitten in a bag or small, not hard, carrier. Every airline has information on their site if and how they move animals. So first check the site.

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