Here you can find all the studboys available in Europe, used term is mostly Sire.

Some catteries will have contracts and restrictions. It is up to you if you agree with this or not. In some cases you can negotiate the terms so that a mating can take place. For example to another country most terms are easy to handle. so always ask the breeder what he wants and tell him what you expect. And talk about terms if things don't work out as you thought. Make good, clear deals so everybody can look the other in the eye if trouble comes around. We are but humans and we work with living animals so everything is always possible :-). We aim not to judge until proven guilty :-). So always be honest about things...even the negative things so we can help one another to cope with it and it hopefully won't happen taboes!!! We are a small group and we sure need each other to make this breed grow.

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